CASE STUDY: Travel Tech for Klook | Creative office design by Bean Buro.

Bean Buro took on the design of the expanded headquarters for the reputable travel technology company KLOOK in Hong Kong. The company is located in an office tower in the Central district and was undergoing rapid expansion to acquire more floor space for the growing team of employees. The expanded area is a whole floor and would house a new reception, a boardroom, a set of meeting rooms, a CEO room, collaboration spaces, phone booths, and working neighbourhoods for 70+ employees.

Upon arrival, visitors are now greeted by the horizontal side of the ‘plane’ structure. The solid timber structure houses the reception, waiting area, pantry, and a set of meeting rooms, with aeroplane-like windows offering glimpses of the activities taking place inside.

The designers also drew references to the artist Olafur Eliasson’s works in terms of colours and light, particularly his work Your Rainbow Panorama, a multicoloured, panoramic glass walkway on the rooftop of ARoS Museum in Denmark. They wanted dichroic glass to be a key feature in the central space and to evoke a sunset over an airport, forming a strong identity for the workspace that feels artistic and engaging rather than corporate or cold.

By connecting Klook’s brand identity, the designers specified Silentflor PUR with shade Burnt Orange (9981), with complementary elements such as warm concrete (Silentflor PUR shade 9967) and oak (Forest fx PUR shade 2990).

Images / Courtesy of Bean Buro

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