What is Vinyl Flooring?

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Invested in the 1930s, vinyl flooring made an impact on the architectural world. By the 1950s, it was a major competitor against other resilient options and had all
but surpassed linoleum’s position as the best low-cost water-resistant flooring option for locations such as bathrooms and kitchens.
A variety of desirable characteristics continues to make this versatile flooring material a popular option till this day.
Vinyl floors are not only popular among homeowners but also property developers who look for long lasting flooring solutions at high foot traffic areas.

Vinyl Flooring is usually 100% synthetic material,
but there are several types of vinyl flooring in the market that cater to different environment and purposes.

Polyflor flooring ranges: Expona Commercial PUR is a LVT range,
Palettone is Homogeneous & Polysafe Quattro PUR is a safety flooring range.

At Polyflor, we offer our vinyl floorings in
sheet, planks and tiles, with flooring types such as heterogeneous,
homogeneous, safety slip-resistant flooring and luxury vinyl planks.

Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous vinyl covering is made of one single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of the colour.
While on the other hand, heterogeneous flooring is a multi-layer flooring which comes in
wide range of beautiful patterns with various design possibilities. This feature gives a look of natural flooring materials.

Safety Flooring

Slip resistance is the key feature of safety floorings, thus it is often used in kitchen, bathrooms and public restrooms.
Polyflor is a pioneer in manufacturing safety flooring, achieving 50% market share in the UK market alone.
All our safety flooring ranges contain what the industry calls Polyurethane Reinforcement (PUR),
which protects the surface of the floor covering from dirt pick-up, scuffing and marking during installation and in the interim handover period.
Polyflor’s safety flooring is world renown as the flooring ranges feature high-quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement,
UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits, life cycle maintenance savings and optimum appearance retention. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks
(Colonia PUR)

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile is an innovative design of vinyl flooring.
The realistic look of either wood, stone or ceramic tile is extremely hard wearing and resilient to daily wear and tear.
It has a scratch resistant surface and waterproof making it ideal for any room in your home.
All LVT ranges by Polyflor also feature polyurethane reinforcement to reduce maintenance costs.

At Polyflor we create flooring solutions which are both beautiful and functional.
Whether it be in the home or in a commercial environment, our products uphold the same level of quality and design standard.

A good environment starts with a good flooring solution.

We believe that the products we choose can help us design for a better environment, both inside and out.
Our collection of vinyl flooring, which is suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications, makes a big impact on the look of a space, but a small impact on the earth.

We’ve been proud to offer our customers a wide variety of flooring solutions to suit any need – aged care, retail, residential, healthcare, residential, you name it.
Our range of products caters to those looking for superior quality but also to those after unique solutions like sustainable slip resistance, acoustic noise reduction, rubber and sports flooring.
Known as one of the world’s top flooring Manufacturers, Polyflor Ltd U.K, we’re able to offer our customers the benefits of versatility, international quality and choice.

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